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Astrocruise is about photography - photography of both our 'inner world' (the Earth) and our 'outer world' (everything beyond the Earth), namely the cosmos; the solar system, the milky way, galaxies, indeed the universe. Since the Earth is inextricably part of the cosmos there is a strong affinity; photography merges to astrophotography when we aim our cameras above the horizon. It is all photography, and essentially the same light illuminates all of these photographs; it is all a form of 'sunlight' - stars are distant suns.

Astrophotography is a special form of photography that (uniquely) reveals objects that are invisible to the unaided eye - the distances within our macrocosm are so vast that much of it can only be seen by means of long exposure photographs. The camera, by accumulating light, helps reveal mysteries of the universe that otherwise remain invisible. The earth and all of its life forms evolved from the same elements that gave light to these photographs - it is all part of our natural heritage.

The photography on these pages is largely from my home location in Wiltshire and from southern France. New images are added frequently so please visit again soon.

Please see below for the Highlights and News sections which have recent images and the Image Gallery section which has the complete collection of my work.
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Conjunction over Stonehenge

Horsehead Closeup

Great Orion Nebula

Pleiades - Seven Sisters

Hale-Bopp over Stonehenge

Full Moon

Planets over Stonehenge

Antares & Rho Ophiuchus

M31 - Andromeda Galaxy

M101 Pinwheel Galaxy

M51 Whirlpool Galaxy

Veil Nebula West

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New Images from March 2011 to February 2012:

Conjunction over Stonehenge

M65 M66 Galaxy Pair in Leo

M51 Whirlpool Galaxy

M101 Pinwheel Galaxy

Horsehead Closeup

M1 - Crab Nebula

WitchHead Nebula IC2118

UK Government Petition to Combat Light Pollution.
Light pollution is extremely wasteful because it projects large amounts of energy into the night sky, where it is not wanted and not needed. Light pollution disturbs wildlife, disturbs human sleep patterns, and blots out our view of the stars. Light pollution is growing at such an alarming rate that if we do not combat it now, our children and grandchildren will soon be unable to see the stars. Please help by signing this government petition, and please encourage as many family and friends to sign as possible. The petition has a deadline of 22 July 2016, so please sign as soon as possible.
Signing the petition is easy; you need provide only your name, email address, and postcode. You will then receive an email where you need to click the link to confirm that you are a genuine signatory. It is a UK Government website and is completely safe.

Please click here to be forwarded to the Government Petition website


Ramsbury Memorial Hall, 90th Anniversary Commemoration
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Ramsbury Holy Cross Organ Restoration:
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Open Skies 2012 - a special astronomical event for the Ramsbury community

Dark Skies - find out how you can help us see the stars

New article added: Astro-Physics AP 900GTO Mount - some experiences

Click here for the Astrocruise presentation to the Stratford Upon Avon AS, September 18, 2012 (PDF format)

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