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Links to Astronomical Web Sites (Outdated)

The following links were originally compiled sometime around 1999. I had intended to keep them updated and did so for a while but subsequently time became too scarce, hence most links are now well out of date. In due course I hope to prune the list and update it as far as possible but can offer no promises. In the meantime the names or titles may still be interesting and current URLs may often be found by a web search (e.g. Google).

Amateur Astrophotography

Film Astrophotography

CCD Imaging

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Amateur Telescope Making & Engineering

Astronomy - Commercial


NASA / Hubble Space Telescope

Note: The following links are the ones I personally use and some of them may only be useful for the UK and France. In some cases I have linked directly to specific images (thus bypassing the overhead of loading complete web pages via an often slow remote link) - please use with consideration - some webmasters may not like this practice.

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