Lunar Occultation of Saturn

22 May 2007 : 20:14:58 - 20:16:34 GMT

Real Time Video: the lunar occultation of Saturn was recorded in real time using a webcam (technical details below). The video shows the complete exit sequence which was captured in AVI and converted to MPEG video (15Mb). Please click the Play button below (you may need to click twice):


Video duration 88 secs; start: 20:15:04; end: 20:16:38 GMT

Images selected from the video are displayed below, with timings (all in GMT):



: Ramsbury, Wiltshire : 51° 26' 48" N : 1° 36' 5" W

All times in GMT

Technical Information : The webcam images were taken with a Philips ToUcam Pro using an RCOS 12.5" Ritchey-Chretien working at f/9 on an AP900 GTO mount. The video stream was captured using the ToUcam software and edited using AVIsplit and AVIedit. Editing was only to cut frames from the beginning and end - the sequence frames are unchanged and in real time. The file was converted to MPEG1 using TMPGEnc.






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